A Modern Life Challenge

Chronic disease is now more likely to kill you than infectious disease The current medical model often fails to address the underlying causes of chronic diseases. Healthcare providers rarely have time to learn about your detailed medical history, genetics, and lifestyle factors that may help you to improve your health. Even if your doctor suggests lifestyle changes, you will often need to accomplish them alone.
  • 60% of all deaths are caused by chronic diseases Most often these are heart disease and diabetes
  • 80-90% are preventable That requires lifestyle changes including less smoking, better diet and more physical activity
  • 90% of those surveyed say support and motivation are key To help improve their adherence to health programmes, saving money and improving life quality

How we do it

We take a comprehensive approach to health to get a full picture of your lifestyle and eating habits, and then we create a plan for long-term healing. Our platform allows you to read health articles, order health tests, book a lifestyle medicine consultation, and get support on your journey to better health.  We have all the tools you need to learn more about your health and get support to adopt a healthier lifestyle. Our mission is to make it easier for people to reduce their risk of chronic disease and improve their health and vitality.    
  • Tests

    Health tests from accredited laboratories

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  • Supplements

    High quality supplements from reputable brands

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  • Consultations

    Lifestyle medicine help from registered practitioners

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  • Support & Advice

    Support and advice for your best health

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  • Membership

    Discover recipes, special offers and more (Coming Soon)

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  • Behavioural change

    Making lifestyle changes is not easy. Doing it alone is even harder. We can help. We work with behavioural change models to help you make important lifestyle changes.
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  • Support

    Society places responsibility for healthy living on the individual, without providing tools or support. Nordic Wellth gives you the support you need to succeed in your health journey.
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  • Functional Medicine

    Functional medicine is a model of care that considers factors that contribute to your current wellbeing and health, including lifestyle nutrition diet environment and health history.
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Our Clinic

  • Lifestyle Medicine

    Lifestyle medicine considers how nutrition, sleep, stress, exercise, relationships, and other lifestyle factors may impact your health. Practitioners take a personalised approach, using blood tests and health questionnaires.
  • Step 1: Lifestyle Medicine Consultations

    During the first consultation, we learn about your health history, family history, symptoms, sleep health, diet, and lifestyle. We set health and wellness goals together, develop a plan, and recommend blood tests if needed.   
  • Step 2: Implement Health Plan

    You make dietary and lifestyle changes that reduce your chronic disease risk, at your own pace. We meet for follow-ups during your health journey to follow your blood results & tweak your plan to help you achieve maximum results.
  • Step 3: Motivation and Support

    Lifestyle change can be hard. We support you on your health journey with dietary changes, stress management, sleep health, and lifestyle tips. We work alongside your other health professionals such as doctors and psychologists.
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