Welcome to our eye health section, where we will bring you the latest research and advice on how to maintain healthy eyes. Our site covers a wide range of topics related to eye health, including the importance of vitamins for eye health, such as lutein and other antioxidants found in colourful foods like red peppers and oranges.

As well as eating a healthy diet, it is important to protect your eyes from the strain caused by screens and artificial light, and the benefits of getting enough daylight for eye health. Healthy eating and regular exercise are also important factors in maintaining healthy eyes, and our blog provides practical advice on how to incorporate these habits into your daily routine.

We are interested in the latest lifestyle medicine research on eye health, and in how lifestyle medicine can promote good overall health. This includes the impact of sleep, stress, diet, and being out in nature on eye health.

Vitamins play an important role in maintaining good eye health. Specifically, vitamins A, C, and E, as well as the minerals zinc and copper, have been shown to be particularly beneficial for the eyes. Vitamin A, for example, is essential for the formation of rhodopsin, a pigment in the retina that helps us see in low-light conditions. Vitamin C helps protect the eyes from damage caused by UV light and other environmental factors, while vitamin E and the minerals zinc and copper have been linked to a reduced risk of age-related macular degeneration (AMD), a common cause of vision loss in older adults. 

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