R(+) Lipoic Acid Complex, 60 Capsules 

Item code: 170
Alpha-lipoic acid is an important multifunctional antioxidant that is both water and fat-soluble. Alpha-lipoic acid can be used to recycle glutathione and is important for carbohydrate metabolism. The tissues of the brain, heart and liver use alpha-lipoic acid intensively. We can only get a tiny amount of alpha-lipoic acid from food. The natural R (+) form is well-absorbed and helps to stimulate glucose uptake into the skeletal muscle. Vitaplex alpha-lipoic acid contains 100 mg of R (+) alpha-lipoic acid along with 300 mg of the so called racemic mixture to optimize serum levels. These capsules are stomach acid resistant, to further increase bio-availability. Contains no artificial additives.
611 kr
Antioxidants, Blood Sugar, Weight
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