Glycine, 400 g, powder

Item code: 130
Vitaplex Glycine is a pharmaceutical-grade free amino acid with no artificial additives. It is classified as a conditionally essential amino acid that can be found in high concentrations in collagen, consisting of 30% glycine. Glycine is used by the body for a large variety of cell types and proteins. It serves as a building block for hemoglobin, creatine, choline, and glutathione.

Large quantities of glycine are found in the collagen structures of our bodies. The raw materials of Vitaplex Glycine come from the Japanese biopharmaceutical company, Kyowa. Kyowa delivers the best quality glycine available on the market. The quality of Vitaplex Glycine is guaranteed by a certificate of analysis.
450 kr
Blood Sugar, Brain & Mental Wellness, Detox, Sleep
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