IgE (Serum IgE)

Item code: AISLGE

Why test S-IgE?

  • Health Check

    Discover factors for lifestyle diseases in time and do something about them. This is especially important for people suffering from atopy and frequent allergic reactions to foods or airborne allergens. People with allergies can develop asthma symptoms including postnasal drip, itchy eyes, skin rashes and eczema.
  • Symptoms

    An S-IgE test is often part of a routine check when you have allergies and/or suffer from food reactions or diverse symptoms such as frequent infections of the sinuses, lungs, stomach or intestines, chronic diarrhea, fever, unexplained weight loss, eczema, or other skin problems like rashes, dry, red, itchy and scaly skin.
  • Monitoring

    Monitor changes to your blood values as you make lifestyle changes or undergo treatments.
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