Vitamin D (25-OH)

Item code: VD25OH

Why test vitamin D (25-OH)?

  • Limited Sun Exposure

    If you don’t get enough sun exposure, always cover up, or have dark skin, you are at risk of vitamin D deficiency - even if you live in a hot country.
  • Genetics

    Some people have genetic risk factors that reduce their absorption of vitamin D.
  • Monitoring

    Monitor a low value or track over time as you make lifestyle changes or undergo treatments.
  • Pregnancy

    Vitamin D is very important for maternal and foetal health. It is your baby’s sole source of vitamin D and is required for good health, particularly teeth, bones and immune function.
  • 50+

    Those aged 50+ are most vulnerable to a lack of vitamin D. Synthesis of vitamin D decreases with age.
  • Medications

    You take a drug, such as hydrocortisone or antacids, which increases the need for Vitamin D.
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