What are eosinophils?
Eosinophils are a type of white blood cell that ingests foreign cells, such as viruses, bacterium and parasites. This test is included in Nordic Wellth’s Complete Blood Count CBC) test.

Why test eosinophils?
Eosinophils are included in a detailed white blood cell check called a differential. This means that different types of white blood cell are examined to look for imbalances. This test is sometimes used when investigating allergies and asthma.

Health check
Discover factors that for lifestyle diseases in time and do something about them.

A WBC differential is often part of a routine check when you have diverse symptoms.

Monitor changes to your blood values as you make lifestyle changes or undergo treatments.

What do the results mean?

What causes high eosinophils?
Known as eosinophilia, elevated levels of eosinophils can be caused by allergies, intestinal parasites, rheumatic conditions and inflammatory conditions.

What causes low eosinophils?
Known as eosinopenia, low levels of eosinophils are considered the normal and expected result. One, or an occasional lower than normal number is not usually considered medically significant. Increased adrenal steroid production can cause low levels of eosinophils.

More information
Values that are slightly outside the reference range can be normal. Reference ranges are not perfect and approximately 5% of healthy individuals may have results outside the reference range.

No advance preparation is needed for this test.

On the day of the test
Always take your ID with you when going for a test.

Arrive in good time and sit down quietly for 15 minutes before the test is taken.
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