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Take your test at testing centres in Stockholm from Monday to Friday. For tests in Gothenburg, Uppsala and Gävleborg regions, use the contact page to request a remiss.

How It Works

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Blood Tests and Health Checks

Nordic Wellth is a health platform providing blood tests and health checks from accredited medical laboratories. We collaborate with Karolinska University Hospital, Unilabs and Synlab for our blood tests in Sweden. Most of the testing facilities operate a drop-in blood test service. Before taking your blood test, check each laboratory on the ''testing locations" page by clicking on the laboratory name for opening hours and other details. 

You can choose from over 100 testing locations across Sweden, mostly in Stockholm. Your results will be available within two to six days, though special results take longer. Contact us for help if you cannot find a convenient blood testing location. 

If you have an external blood test that you need to send away, for instance to a laboratory abroad, you can get a blood draw only.  Contact Us and we will help you.

"You can discover a wealth of information about your health and lifestyle with our comprehensive health test packages and individual markers in ''Design your own'' test. In addition to your results and feedback, we offer functional medicine support for those who want to get to the root cause of their health problems and chronic symptoms. Contact us to book a consultation with one of our nutritional therapists. 

Nordic Wellth's Sampling Network

The scope of our sampling network spans across key regions of Sweden, encompassing various cities and suburbs.

Stockholm and Mälardalen

We have partnerships with blood sampling clinics in Södertälje, Lidingö, Katrineholm, Nyköping, Uppsala, Norrtälje, and Nynäshamn. For blood tests in central Stockholm we have health centres in Östermalm, Vasastan, Kungsholmen, and Södermalm. To find your nearest clinic please look at ''testing locations'' on our website.

Western Sweden

In Western Sweden, we have blood testing centres in Gothenburg, Lidköping, and Falköping. We collaborate with Unilabs at Carlanderska Hospital, Falköping University and Lidköping University. We also have centres in Östergötland and Gävleborg, with dedicated testing locations in various cities. Please contact us for a referral to any centre not listed on our website.

Unparalleled Expertise and Clinical Standards

In alignment with our commitment to health and excellence, we partner with respected institutions like Karolinska University Laboratory, Synlab, and Unilabs.

Tailored Health Checks for Individuals and Businesses

Wellth’s health checks include many health tests catering to diverse needs. For an annual health check, to measure and compare your values over time, we have comprehensive health test packages. We also have specific blood tests for men and women, and blood tests for older individuals, allergies, gluten intolerance, blood sugar, homocysteine, comprehensive thyroid analysis, liver and kidneys, cholesterol and blood fats, hormones, vitamin and mineral tests, vitamin D, iron/anaemia, and tests for alcohol consumption.

Our comprehensive test range covers it all. What makes us different is that we also offer lifestyle medicine consultations, so if your values suggest lifestyle and dietary changes, we can help and support you. Contact us for advice and booking a consultation with one of our therapists. 

Even well individuals may benefit from regular blood tests or health checks. A first initial comprehensive health test acts as a baseline against which to compare future tests. Vegans and vegetarians may require a higher intake of vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin B12, D and iron.  When needed, we sell many high-quality food supplements to support your health. 

We offer health checks for private people and companies. A healthy coworker is less sick and works more productively. Contact us for more information. 

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