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Take your test at testing centres in Stockholm from Monday to Friday. For tests in Gothenburg, Uppsala and Gävleborg regions, use the contact page to request a remiss.

How It Works

3 Steps. It's Simple.
  • 1. Take a blood test

    at a convenient location 

  • 2. Get your blood test results

    with comments from a doctor and a nutritionist
  • 3. Get inspiration

    and support to make lifestyle changes and improve health

Blood Tests and Health Checks

Nordic Wellth orders blood tests and health checks from accredited, licensed medical laboratories. In Sweden we order blood tests from Karolinska University Hospital, Unilabs, Synlab, and Aleris, allowing you to get your blood drawn at any of their convenient healthcare clinics. Most of them operate a drop-in blood test service. Check the individual laboratory page by clicking on the laboratory name, for opening hours and other details, so that you know when you can take your blood test. 

If you have an external blood test that you need to send away, for instance to a laboratory abroad, you can get a blood draw only.  Contact Us and we will help you.

"Discover a wealth of information about your health and lifestyle with our health checks, including comprehensive blood tests as well as a thorough consideration of your lifestyle and current symptoms. The process is now more convenient than ever, as we give you an easy way to measure blood values by placing an online order for your health check on our comprehensive platform".

At, you can choose from over 100 sampling points across Sweden, where you can conveniently drop in or schedule an appointment to take your blood. Your results will be available within two to six days.

Wellth's Collaborative Network of Sampling Points

The scope of our sampling network spans across key regions of Sweden, encompassing various cities and suburbs.

Stockholm and Mälardalen

In the Stockholm area and Mälardalen, we partner with blood sampling clinics in Södertälje, Lidingö, Katrineholm, Nyköping, Uppsala, Norrtälje, and Nynäshamn so that you can get a blood test in their clinics. Get a blood test in central Stockholm, including in Östermalm, Vasastan, Kungsholmen, and Södermalm. To find your nearest clinic, refer to our comprehensive map and information available on our website.

Western Sweden

Residents of the west coast and Västra Götaland county can conveniently access our blood tests in Gothenburg, Lidköping, and Falköping. We collaborate with Unilab's at Carlanderska hospital and Unilab's Laboratory at Falköping and Lidköping university ensure seamless sampling and analysis. Our presence extends further to Östergötland and Gävleborg, with dedicated sampling points in various cities.

Unparalleled Expertise and Clinical Standards

In alignment with our commitment to health and excellence, we partner with respected institutions like Karolinska University Laboratory, Synlab, and Unilabs.

Tailored Health Checks for Individuals and Businesses

Wellth’s health checks encompass a wide spectrum of health tests catering to diverse needs.  If you want an annual health check we have comprehensive health check packages, and we also have specific blood tests for men and women, or blood tests for older individuals, allergy tests, tests for gluten intolerance, vitamin D testing, blood sugar tests, homocysteine tests, thyroid tests, liver tests, cholesterol tests, hormone tests, vitamin and mineral tests, or tests for alcohol consumption? Our comprehensive range covers it all.  What makes us different is that we also offer lifestyle medicine consultations, so if any of your values suggest lifestyle and dietary changes, we can help and support you. 

Even those who are not sick may benefit from regular blood tests or health checks, for instance, if you are vegan or vegetarian, you may may have lower levels of vitamins and minerals in your body, like vitamin B12 and iron. 

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