Item code: MMG

Why test magnesium

  • Health Check

    Discover your risk factors for lifestyle diseases in time to do something about them.
  • Lifestyle Factors

    You drink a lot of alcohol and/or eat a poor diet low in fruits and vegetables, nuts, seeds and beans.
  • Health History

    You have had magnesium deficiency or suffer from digestive complaints, especially diarrhoea or constipation, since diarrhoea can reduce magnesium and constipation is associated with low intake.
  • Monitoring

    Monitor changes to your blood values as you make lifestyle changes or take supplements.
  • Medications

    You take a drug, such as statins or anti-depressants, which increase the need for magnesium.
  • What happens next?

    The lab sends the results to your personal dashboard, with comments from both a doctor and a nutritionist. If results are abnormal, we recommend seeing a doctor and, if appropriate, booking an appointment with a Nordic Wellth nutrition lifestyle specialist.
  • More Information

    Serum magnesium levels must be kept within a tight range, and serum levels are maintained preferentially to those inside cells. If this test is normal, it is still possible that your cell levels of magnesium are low.
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